Narooma a town on a hill Day 170 Friday 21st September

It did not take long to get on the road today, there were two possible choices for our stopping point, Mystery Bay (nobody knows why it is called that! Which must have been said a million times before) or Narooma.

Haywards beach

Off we set, it started off on a nice cycle way for 5 km, which passed along Haywards beach, then after a hill (nothing new here then) dropping to Lake Wallaga and another old wooden bridge.

Bridge over Wallaga lake

A gang of pelicans and cormorants on the sand bar at the end of Lake Wallaga

After this the climbing started in ernest, steady but nearly 3 km of it, eventually we got to the top with only a minor hill climbing crisis. A nice drop down and we rejoined our old friend the A1 Princess Highway.

Looking down towards Lake Corunna

The rest of the cycle was very nice even with the hills, it is always a trade off, the quiet side road with no shoulder or the busy main road with a shoulder.

A hill need I say any more?

Very soon we arrived at the Mystery Bay turning, but decided to continue in to Narooma. Entering town it is hills everywhere, this time we called the campgrounds before committing to a steep up or down. The Big 4 Caravan Park was a laughable $55 a night, needless to say we did not go there, ending up at Surfside Caravan Park for $25.

A nice place for a tent

Our site is fabulous, overlooking the bay and Montague Island.

Sitting in the tent looking out

Tomorrow we have booked a whale watching trip from Narooma Wharf, so we will stay another night here.

It was even warm enough to sit out after dark tonight, this is the first time in a long time we have done this.

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