Eden a very hilly place, still looking for the garden Day 165 Sunday 16th September

After the windy day yesterday it contiuned overnight which meant a dry tent, away by 7.30 am amazing.

The A1 continued in much the same way as yesterday, lots of forest, lots of hills but very little shoulder to cycle on, as it was Sunday the road was very quiet to begin with but busied up later.

Forest and hills behind

Major news of the day, we said farewell to Victoria and hello to New South Wales.

The observant will notice Sydney is now not far away

Our original destination was Scrubby Creek rest area at 40 km and 440 metres of climb, when we got there it was not yet 12.00 am and the hills had been rolling which is not so tiring, allegedly. The decision was made to press on to Eden another 23 km and similar amount of climbing again.

We did stop for lunch in a layby rest stop, here there were a few more views across the forest as the trees had been felled each side of the road.

Having turned invisible we proceed to eat our lunch

More forest

On we went past Kiah where the longest up of the day started, then Boyd Town and a last up to Eden.

Beach at Boyd

Looking down into Eden

Eden is a town spread across several hills, so we were not done yet. $27 secured a nice camp spot next to a very good camp kitchen, lounge area and amenities block.

After a quick shop in the local supermarket, and yes it is up a hill! We ate a huge meal and watched the news until 7.00 pm which is way past our bed time! After which we snuggled into our sleeping bags and said goodnight. “Goodnight”.

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