Genoa free camping Day 164 Saturday 15th September

With everything dry this morning we were away by 7.45 am, once again on to the A1 Princess Highway. It did start off with almost zero traffic and slowly built up as the day went on.

Typical roadside fauna

Today there were three main climbs up totalling 586 metres, of course the downs were there as well but you tend to forget these in favour of remembering toiling uphill.

All today continued through the same forest of the last two days, there was a few glimpses between trees of the views from the top of the climbs.

A rare view out across the bush

As we neared Genoa the wind all of a sudden started up to 40 km/h these were not forecast, the skies also blackened to the east. Thankfully not above us, on the free camp site there is a toilet and nothing else, the water is not drinkable here but we have brought extra with us.

After an exciting time setting up the tent in the strong winds we settled down in our relative shelter to listen to the wind and eat lunch.

Stormy skies behind the tent

We cooked a cheese pasta meal with some fresh beans which is actually nice, probably due to the large piece of cheese we add!

There is nothing else here so we just relaxed and took a power nap (Janet) for a while then had a stroll to see an old bridge and the Genoa River (very low at the moment).

Old Genoa bridge, now just a footbridge

The Genoa River

While we made tea a local appeared with a dead Masked owl, he had picked this off the roadside, the owl had starved to death the drought here has killed off many of the mice and rats the owl normally eats. It is not just the farmers having a hard time with the drought.

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