Cann River a town larger than you think Day 163 Friday 14th September

In the morning everything was soaked through so the tent was put away very wet, it probably doubles it’s weight when you do this. It was continuing on the A1 again, the shoulder became very intermittent if the road was busy it would not be nice cycling here.

Forest forest everywhere

We continued through forest to our left and right, up (and down) several hills.

More forest

After around 30 kilometres a car pulled in and it was Wendy and Rick on their way to Mallacoota for the weekend. They did take a couple of bags off us making the final 8 km easier, we caught up with them at the cafe in Cann River, we had a coffee and chatted a while before the set off to Mallacoota. Cann River happens to be where we are stopping, on a free camp ground, it does have toilets and cold running water including a cold shower! Which was actually OK as long as you only wet a small part of your body at a time.

The Cann River

The site proved to be very busy, more caravans here than we have seen in a very long time.

There are 3 motels, 3 bakeries, 2 cafes, 1 gas station and a grocery store here, the grocery store is very poor hardly any stock but it did have milk and porridge.

One of the places you could stay

After food which we cooked on Kat and Daniel’s stove, their camper van was next to us and they saw our feeble looking camp stove and felt sorry for us! We chatted a little before calling it a night, the skies were clear again and the wind dropped away completely, I predict a very wet tent again.

Kat and Daniel with their lovely van

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