All around Bairnsdale Day 159 Monday 10th September 2018

After a lovely breakfast we split in two, Janet and Rick took the Ute, I cycled with Wendy down the river passing a small colony of fruit bats, during the summer their numbers swell to thousands, then on a further 12 km where we met up. From here it was a mixture of track and quiet road down into Paynesville, a very tourist orientated township, it was still a nice place.

Fruit bats along the Mitchell River

Some kangaroos enjoying the view across the lake

There is a ferry across to Raymond Island, free for foot passengers and bicycles only cars have to pay.

Eastern Rosella

You have to love a Koala

Once on the other side we hunted down (not literally!) the islands claim to fame, koalas, lots of them. We saw several some actually awake looking our way.

From here we returned close to where the Ute was parked where we split again, to cycle or drive down Mitchell River Silt Jetties, 8 km long, link HERE. At the end we all met up again and Wendy waded into the shallows to collect mussels for tonight’s meal, Janet and Rick cleaning the shells.

Collecting and processing mussels

A good amount of food here

All 4 bicycles went on the Ute for the return journey where after a soup lunch it was all off again in the car. First stop a cycle shop where the spare tyre we had used was replaced and we also shopped.

Then it was a drive of 35 km to Lakes Entrance, this is where all of the many lakes (surface area in excess of 400 square kilometres) in East Gippsland drain out to sea through a very narrow channel. Information about the town HERE. Information about the lakes HERE.

A view across the lakes

This is the narrow outlet all the lakes flow out of

Here is where the 90 mile beach crosses (yes 90 miles of beach!) We had a gentle walk along the shoreline before returning for our mussel evening meal.

90 mile beach which is ….. well 90 miles long

One task was split the mussels from their shells after cooking, these went into a tomato based sauce.

Hard at work musselling!

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