To Sale but nowhere near Manchester, Day 157 Saturday 8th September 2018

Everything was very damp this morning, after putting the tent in the sun we waited a while for it to dry off a little before packing up and setting off.

Tree in a field, typical of the farmland we cycled through today

Today we followed the A440 the South Gippsland Highway all the way today. With very little climbing up or dropping down, a nice wide shoulder and very little traffic it was a nice days cycling.

More natural forest and the road

We travelled through green pasture land and natural Eucalyptus and Pine (not so natural) forests. Unfortunately the mozzies seemed to be out when we stopped so we beat a hasty retreat.

As we got close to Sale, quite by accident we found a very old swingbridge and a good cycle trail through the wetland area South of town.

Sale swingbridge

You need to know this about the swingbridge

The Sale swingbridge dates back to 1883 and is the oldest operational one in Australia, a very nice place for a picnic (or a snack stop in our case). Information HERE. The last 5 km on the trail was pleasant taking us right into town. The caravan park is very close to the town centre so after putting up the tent we could walk to the supermarket where we brought ingredients for a lamb stir fry (which tasted excellent).

Track through the wetlands

Then as the temperature dropped we sat for a while in the kitchen area before wanderiby back to the tent, more mozzies are around it must be a sign of spring. If you want more on Sale click HERE.

We have not had a picture of the tent for a while so here it is

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