Woodside a flat day Day 156 Friday 7th September 2018

Overnight it rained and rained and rained, heavily at times but we can confirm that the tent did not leak even with it’s previous suicidal nature with cats and the wind.

Rail Trail looking back to Toora

By the time we were ready to leave the sun was out and everything was drying out. A short cycle back to the Rail Trail via the supermarket to pick up some UHT milk and pasta as tonight’s caravan park does not have any shops nearby.

The Great Southern Rail Trail continues for another 15 km but we will only ride it until Welshpool at 10 km then we get on to the road. The trail passed through field after field of grazing cattle, everywhere was looking very waterlogged.

Typical field view on the way

From Welshpool we were on the highway, it is very quite so the riding was enjoyable, at Alberton we left the main road onto a gravel side road. The gravel was nice and flat and after 5 km returned to a sealed road.

On to a gravel road

It was only the last 8 km that we were once more on the highway.

At Woodside a very small township there is just a gas station, the caravan park is mainly residential but does have a nice grassy area for our tent. There is a sheltered area to cook under with a TV set, water is bore water here and is not really drinkable everyone on site collects rain water to drink.

Food cooked and the news watched by then the sun had started to set, as soon as the sun begins to drop the temperature does as well, predicted a low or 3 degrees tonight.

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