Aierys Inlet and some nice hills Day 149 Friday 31st August 2018

It rained lightly for most of the night (or most of the time we were awake it was raining), but it started to clear from first light. By the time we had breakfasted it had stopped raining but the skies were very grey.

Coastal view

The Great Ocean Road now follows the coast very closely, the sea remained next to us all day. As a result the road does go up and down an awful lot (over 600 metres climbing today).

More coast

We passed through a number of small towns, Skenes Creek, Kennet River and Wye River before the larger town of Lorne. All of these towns are a mass of tourist accommodation. Along with the towns there was a succession of beautiful bays and inlets.

You can see The Great Ocean Road hugging the coast

A river of lilies

We were not sure if Lorne was going to be our stopping point for the day, that was until we saw the caravan park, it did not look very nice at all. The next possible site was Aireys Inlet, so it was off again for another 19 km and yes some more hills.

Fairhaven beach (surfers beach)

Along the way we climbed Big Hill, it is really called that, and it was big but easy! Then down towards Aireys Inlet passing the monument to the returning soldiers who built The Great Ocean Road 1919 to 1932, and the dedication of it to the world war one fallen. More information HERE.

Monument to The Great Ocean Road

Our caravan site cost $35 but is very nice as we sit in a heated tv lounge writing this.

King parrot and cockatoo

Rainbow over the caravan park

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