Apollo Bay another hilly day Day 148 Thursday 30th August 2018

Overnight there was a good strong wind blowing, so everything was dry this morning. Again it was The Great Ocean Road all day today.

Looking out to sea from Lavers Hill

It was overcast and felt cold, from Lavers Hill there is a long downhill section just to take your breath away. After 15 kms of this “down” (still 150 metres of climbing done) we passed Castle Cove right on the coast then turned inland for 10 kms of flat riding.

Castle Cove

Then it was time for our daily dose of up, during this section the rain began not heavy but just persistent. Lastly a descent down to Apollo Bay and the coast again, everywhere looking very dull under grey skies.

View half way down the descent into Apollo Bay

Nearing the coast on the descent

Apollo Bay has 4 caravan parks, we went for the one closest to the centre of town, a nice clean site.

A grey looking Apollo Bay in the distance

Burgers for our evening meal, comfort food as we were quite chilled due to the rain.

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