Lavers Hill and uphill it was Day 147 Wednesday 29th August 2018

No rush to pack up as we had no tent to dry or sleeping things to pack away, it is nice to have a room once in a while. Leaving Princetown you take the first gravel road on the right, the Old Great Ocean Road, what a lovely 15 km of cycling this gives you, almost flat, decent surface and we only saw one car and a tractor the whole time.

The start of the Old Great Ocean Road

You can tell just how wet it has been here, the map shows the Gellibrand River as a small single line, at the moment it just seems to be an endless succession of large lakes, the lakes are flooded fields. Certainly no shortage of water here.

Janet away on the shady side of the valley

All of this gravel loveliness ended and we were back on the Great Ocean Road again, but as before almost no traffic to begin with (3 cars passed us in an hour and a quarter). It did get a little busier as the morning wore on.

However this is where the “hill” started, around 10 km of climbing interspersed with a little flat, gaining 604 metres. It was just pick a low gear (the lowest in fact) and pedal.

Yes the road did drop away very rapidly.

We had our lunch stop almost at the top where the views were impressive.

Widescreen view near the top of Lavers Hill

Just a final 3 km into Lavers Hill, this just has a Caravan Park, Roadhouse, Cafe and School, just as well we had brought food for tonight.

Tent up, showered, food and relaxing in the sun until it sets at just after 6.00 pm local time.

Tent all alone

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