Princetown via some magnificent coastline Day 146 Tuesday 28th August 2018

The whole of todays cycle is along The Great Ocean Road finishing in Princetown and what a fabulous day it has been darling (you need to say that using his Strictly voice), you know that when you take 60 pictures.

A general cliff photograph

As yesterday the road was very quiet all day with a little more traffic around the 12 Apostles viewing area. There was more climbing today but nothing very steep.

Cycling up a gentle undulation

Very shortly after crossing the River Curdies there was our first stopping (viewing point) at “The Grotto” if you assume all the places we saw were beautiful then I will not just keep repeating superlatives.

Looking through the grotto out to sea

Next was “London Bridge”.

London Bridge

Then “The Arch”.

The Arch

From here it was a couple of kilometres into Port Campbell, where every building is a hotel, motel, luxury accommodation or backpackers, the township is solely there to support the massive amount of tourists visiting the area. There is a nice grocery where we picked up apples and some vegetables.

Port Campbell jetty

Massive reed beds surround Port Campbell creek

A climb out and then an undulating road of 10 km until the next viewpoint, “Loch Ard Gorge” area, here there was a number of things to see. “The Razorback, Loch Ard Gorge, Island Arch and Mutton Bird Island”. Mutton Bird Island is home to 50,000, wait for it …… Mutton Birds they thrive here due to the lack of predation from non native wildlife, the fox being a big problem here.

The Razorback

General shot around Loch Ard Gorge

Janet in Loch Ard Gorge

Looking across towards Mutton Bird Island and Island Arch

Foxes were brought to Australia by the English so they could still hold their hunts just like back home! More information HERE.

It was now time to see “The 12 Apostles”, this has a large very busy visitors centre and car park, there was more people here than we have seen in a long time. In fact there are now only eight Apostles left, the ninth collapsing in 2005. More information HERE.

Some of the Apostles

More Apostles

Only 5 km left to arrive in Princetown, a very small town indeed with two Caravan Parks, both now closed for the winter, an Inn and a backpackers hostel. We took the cheapest, the Inn.

Looking across the Gellibrand River Princetown

Princetown Inn (Tavern) is a nice comfortable place, we have an electric blanket on the bed, looks like we will be roasting tonight! We dried off the tent which was still wet from this morning, cooked our own meal as it was too expensive to eat here as well but did get a bottle of wine.

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