Peterborough and The Great Ocean Road Day 145 Monday 27th August 2018

For a change we had a dry tent this morning, so it was a rapid pack up and breakfast then on the road for 8.15 am. To begin we cycled 10 km along the A1 (Princess Highway) the first 5 km was dual carriageway with a cycle lane then it drops to single carriageway.

View of the Hopkins River

It did not seem to take long to our turn off over the Hopkins River near Allansford, here we travelled down gravel and very small sealed roads with almost no traffic until joining The Great Ocean Road. Here the traffic level increased quite a lot but still no problem.

A sign spring is on its way daffodils and cala lilies

Then it was off down the gravel roads again passing through lots of dairy farms, lots of very inquisitive cows coming running towards us (the opposite to sheep who run away).

Typical pasture just waiting for the cattle

With 16 km to go it was on to The Great Ocean Road again, as it was later in the day there was very little traffic at all.

Black swans just before Bay of Islands

The first visit to the coast was at Bay of Islands which was stunning, even the wind which had been against us all day helped with the views by causing a big swell and crashing waves.

Bay of Islands

More Bay of Islands

One more Bay of Islands

Just a short distance on was Bay of Martyrs superb as well.

Bay of Martyrs

Then it was into Peterborough where the caravan park cost $28 with a nice pitch, a great kitchen and good amenities, a great caravan park.

After setting up the tent and showering we strolled into the township, it does have a grocery and bottleshop where we picked up some milk. Peterborough is on the bank of the Curdies River Inlet, it is home of quite a number of wrecked ships including the “perfect clipper” SS Shomberg launched 1885 information HERE. It has yet more beautiful coastline.

Just off Peterborough beach

Enjoying the beach

Today was a lovely days cycling, a cold southerly wind (remember southerly means Antartica in Australia) in our faces but not too strong and bright blue skies with just the odd cloud combined with the scenery that just made you smile!

3 thoughts on “Peterborough and The Great Ocean Road Day 145 Monday 27th August 2018

  1. What a fabulous coastline. We regret not visiting the Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles when we were in Melbourne earlier this year. We’re very envious.
    Best wishes to you both


  2. I do envy the cycling but not so sure about the camping and having to carry everything with me!
    I’d want a support vehicle – maybe a massive camper van with a wine cellar and chef.
    Keep at it!!


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