Warrnambool by the rail trail Day 144 Sunday 26th August 2018

It was a very dull grey morning today, quite chilly in fact. However we have a nice traffic free cycle today. There is a 37 km rail trail (cycle path built on a disused railway) starting in Port Fairy and finishing in Warrnambool. We were very surprised how little it is advertised, only stumbling onto it by chance.

Bumping into two other cyclists at the start in Port Fairy

It started just across the river from the caravan park, and it was lovely indeed, well compacted (occasionally sealed) surfaces dedicated to bicycles.

Janet powers ahead down the trail

The trail runs through farmland virtually all the way, at the moment there is a lot of water in the fields and ditches. Which seems to be good news for the frogs as the “tunefull” croak followed us the whole journey.

A black swan loving the waterlogged fields

Here we met our first cyclists (fifteen in fact) for a long time, all out for a Sunday morning cycle (and who could blame them?).

We had a short lunch (brunch really) stop at 17 km in Koroit at the only disused station and platform still standing.

Koroit station, the line originally connected Melbourne and Port Fairy

This sign says it all

Then continuing to a tunnel under the A1 road we were cycling on yesterday, here we had a choice to continue on the rail trail or finish along the road. The reason being we were warned that the final section is flood prone and may not be rideable good sense prevailed and we continued on the trail (that and we asked a man who had a child carrier on his bicycle, “no problems mate” was the reply).

After a short road section (separated from the highway by a fence) we dropped down to an area aptly named Swamp, starting well across a boarded area but soon we had to ride through water. The fact a family with small children had managed it gave us confidence! It turned out to be 15 cm deep at worst.

The boarded area

The flooded area after the boards

A short section of gravel road followed then the final section into town went along the river with more boarded areas and a final water crossing. Here we did see a bird of prey raiding a magpie’s nest despite the magpie’s best attempt to mob the marauding raptor.

Raptor number 1

Raptor number 2

In a tree

The final section of cycle path

Only a very short road section to the caravan park, here we camped next to the kitchen and the toilet block. The usual shopping and walk around town was next, Warrnambool is the largest town we have been in for a while (excluding Mildura).

Getting ready to shoot

We did narrowly avoid a soaking when the skies went very dark and it poured with rain.

The view out to sea over Lake Pertobe

There is not much more to do, just eat and read before sleeping, it will be a cold night tonight.

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