Port Fairy yes we actually cycled there! Day 143 Saturday 25th August 2018

We can confirm that having a Koala above you in a tree is a very noisy night time experience (they are a nocturnal animal in case you didn’t know or are a PE teacher and similar to a PE teacher sleep 18 to 20 hours a day).

Our usual 8.30 am start, cycling up the main street in Portland eventually on to Dutton Way, where we are able to cycle parallel to the main A1 for about 10 km. It follows the coast with some lovely views out to sea and the biggest bonus no traffic at all.

Looking back at Portland ships waiting to load

Our Google led route brought us to a dead end, but a path lead onwards so on we went only to discover it went onto the beach then across a stream at this point we reversed and made our way on to the A1.

The road was nice to cycle down, a good shoulder and good visibility so all vehicles gave plenty of room, oh and no logging trucks (well only one). We passed through rich looking (green) farmland for km after km there were no hills to speak of.

There was a very impressive shoe fence, the Nullarbor shoe tree is just insignificant compared to this.

Around 100 metres of this, impressive

After 73 kms our destination Port Fairy appeared, this is another really lovely place. From the tourist information we went to the caravan park nearest to town, it cost $30 nice and clean, good camp kitchen.

A view along East Beach Port Fairy

After showering we walked into town over the Moyne River, brought a few snack things having decided to eat fish and chips tonight. You can tell a lot of wealthier people stay here just from the type of food stocked by the IGA. On the way back we went via the harbour area then East Beach, again both very picturesque.

The harbour area

Our fish and chips came from the shop about 100 m from the caravan park, we had Flake and Chips, in case you didn’t know (or teach PE) Flake is shark, mainly gummy shark, it was very nice indeed.

The evening sun on a tree

A carved dead tree by the caravan park

To finish the day we say next to the river and watched the sunset, yes sitting outside may be a sign that winter is ending and spring is rapidly approaching.

Sunset over the river

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