Nelson a day cycling again Day 141 Thursday 23rd August 2018

After camping at Bailey’s Rocks we drove the remaining 100 km to Mount Gambier, filled up with fuel (hire car was full to full) then back out to the airport to drop it off.

It took a while to assemble and repack everything in its correct place on the bicycles before leaving the airport but we still managed to get away by 10.00 am.

The 10 km back into Mount Gambier felt a little strange, what is this? our legs complained. Out of town we follow on road all the way into Nelson a further 38 kms total.

This is the first view of the sea I a long time (way way in the distance)

The road was up and down all of the way but never steep, passing through rolling farmland and commercial pine forests. The road was extremely busy with lorries most of them hauling timber, the road itself is too narrow for vehicles other than cars to pass safely, we needed to keep a careful eye out and it meant pulling onto the gravel regularly.

We finally left South Australia and entered Victoria, here we even lost the gravel but gained a small shoulder.

Hello Victoria

By around 2.00 pm we arrived at the caravan park, it cost $21, nice showers, very clean and a camp kitchen (they did not have a fridge which seemed very strange).

Crossing the Glenelg River to get to Nelson

There is a kiosk in town selling basics so we purchased a milk and some sausage rolls (just this was $16). Then strolled along the Glenelg River and just generally relaxed in the sun. You may notice no mention of the winds, at the moment there is an area of high pressure here giving calm stable and warm weather! I know it is a shock.

Our tent was happy it had a nice view over the estuary

The still water tells you just how calm it has been

We finished off our goat curry (thank you Pat) and watched the sun go down to end the day.

The Moon and Mars next to each other

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