Bailey’s Rock Campground Day 140 Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Almost the last day of our holiday but the last day with Pat and George, after the compulsory bacon and egg breakfast we packed our worldly belongings into the hire car and said goodbye. It has been so lovely stopping here in Mildura at Pat and George’s home, although if we stopped too much longer I am sure we would not want to leave at all, thank you again it meant a lot to us to stop with you.

Pat, George and Janet

From here we drove South, managing to stop at Lascelles which has the silo we missed on the way up to photograph the artwork.

Got the one we missed

Passing through Nantimuk towards Mount Arapiles which was now surrounded by the yellow of rapeseed and did look very nice.

The final 30 km today were on single track sealed roads which were very quiet, and the last 4 km was a gravel road to Bailey’s Rocks, here there are good flat sites, picnic tables and a toilet which has a rain water collection tank.

Bailey’s Rocks are a jumbled mass of huge granite boulders surrounded by mature natural forest, a very nice place to camp and nobody else here either so all you can hear is the squawking of the many parrots and chuntering of magpies. More information HERE.

Bailey’s Rocks

Having already cooked our meal yesterday all we had to do was warm it through, macaroni cheese mmmm and a huge mug of hot milky chocolate.

Camping at it’s best

The sun rapidly set and we settled down for an early night just for a change. We have around 100 kms to drive tomorrow morning to get back to the airport at Mt Gambier, and then a 60 km cycle so it will be an early start.

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