Mildura Day 138 and 139 Monday and Tuesday, a very unexciting post today

First I apologise for the lack of pictures and second the very mundane nature of the post.

We had a lovely day today (monday), a slight frost covering the grass was still just holding on against the sun and cloudless sky. Very soon the battle was lost the frost was gone and a beautiful day started.

After a shop we made a cheesecake and mudcake (almond and rice flour) both orange flavoured using freshly picked oranges.

Then sat in the sun, just whiling the day away.

Later on in the afternoon Pat and George returned, Pat demonstrated how to make a pizza from scratch on a stove, it was very nice indeed. Then puddings (yes plural, a slice if each) with cream. Another day had gone.

Tuesday started overcast and cooler, once ready we drove out into town and shopped, looking for some new socks as yet another pair had become very thin and worn. No socks were brought so we returned empty handed. After a sort out and tidy up of the paperwork (checking bank statements etc) we packed up the bicycles into car ready for our return journey tomorrow.

That was it for the day, we ate a goat curry for tea which tasted lovely then played cards before retiring for the night.

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