Mildura Day 136 and 137 Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was a definite day for doing very little, so we did very little apart from cook a meal.

Sunday we went for a drive out, again thank you Pat, to the Robinvale Almond Festival, as you can guess almond growing is very big in the area around Robinvale and the orchards have just come in to blossom looking very much like cherry blossom.

A busy festival

It was $5 entry and there was a stage for live music, lots of local food stalls and local produce stalls. There were a few classic cars and of course farm machinery on display. Unfortunately all the places on the almond tour buses were sold out so we just wandered around.

A few of the cars on display

One of the stalls

You could get a potato on a stick for $5

On the way back we took a short gravel road detour into the National Park where we saw kangaroos and emus.

Lakeside picture

Then it was a brief pub stop in Nangiloc to see the artwork in the bar. Nangiloc is next door to a town called Colignan can you see the connection?

Hand painted art behind the bar

Once back we assumed the relaxed position for the rest of the evening.

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