Mildura stillness all around Day 135 Friday 17th August 2018

A lot of nothing to do and a whole day to do it in, a good position to be in.

A bulldog called Serena, looking like we felt

Pat took us over to the local golf club for a look around, we even got to use a golf buggy on our tour. During the tour we managed to see a number of different birds, some kangaroos and a sleepy tailed lizard (a type of blue tongued skink) around 12 inches (30 cm long) more about it HERE..

Yes you guessed it the Kookaburra is back

Janet shows her putting skills

Beware learner buggy driver

A type of blue tongued skink

Now where did we park that buggy?

And of course kangaroos to finish on

Then we did some shopping as we will cook tomorrow, but today is Carissa’s birthday (almost) and Pat had prepared roast pork with extra crackling for a family meal and very lovely it was too.

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