Mildura resting a while Day 133 Wednesday 15th August 2018

After a very restful night we didn’t even get up until after 8.00 am due to an inability to move our limbs, our latest start for quite a while. Once we were ready Pat took us for a driving tour of the area in her nice hornet car.

We had a look at the mighty Murray River of course, the “beach” over by the caravan park, and one of the many locks and weirs along its lenght.

The beach opposite the caravan park

A paddle steamer leaving the lock

Then crossing over the Murray into NSW (New South Wales) and Buronga, continuing downstream to Dareton and lastly Wentworth where the Darling River and Murray River converge. In Wentworth we had a quick lunch at the local bakery, which turned out to be a very average experience.

Two rivers meet, the Darling and Murray

There was a slight detour to the Australian Botanical Gardens (on the way to Dareton) where you could see everything was just waiting for the start of spring before leaping into bloom, it should be quite spectacular.

Some plants have already blossomed at the botanical gardens

A visit to the main shopping area in Mildura finished up our tour. On the way back we had the pleasure of meeting (and losing a game of cards to) Pat and George’s grandsons.

Then it was time for a drink and again a lovely meal prepared by Pat this time with two more guests, Lawrence and Mary.

A very nice day done.

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