Mildura relaxing here Day 134 Thursday 16th August 2018

It was back to our normal waking time then a museli breakfast.

Our bicycles were extracted from the car and reassembled as we were off for a ride today! What else do you do to take a break from your cycling trip but cycle? It was quite a novelty to see wind strengths in single digits (that is less than 10 km/h for all you PE teachers out there) for a change.

The river bank has gone but the tree survives (just)

Looking across the Murray

From the house we made our way to Psyche Bend Road to the Pump House at Kings Billabong (or oxbow lake if you are not Australian) on the river. From here we slowly made our way along the bank towards Mildura, meandering as we went.

One of the houseboats

Pelicans gliding around above us

Past the riverboats moored in a sheltered part of the Murray and back onto the road to return. Passing many grape vines, the observant of you will be asking what is that elaborate wire support on these vines for? These are eating grapes not wine grapes, they will make sultanas much of it dried naturally as a premium product. Follow the link for information on and the differences between Sultanas, Rasins, Currants and Sunmuscats, link HERE, interestingly the Australian dried grapes do not use sulphur and are dried on the farm they are grown on.

Much more elaborate supports for the eating grapes

Once back (a total of 24 kms) we did nothing at all, just sat outside in the sun as it was a nice warm day, very relaxing.

The tent got put up to dry it fully, it was still a little damp from camping in Mount Gambier.

George managed to blow the dust from his mountain bike and managed to race down the garden on it.

George comes in a sorry last in the man vs dog race

After yet another excellent meal (chinese dumpling soup) from our resident chef Pat who we later let win at cards (not wanting to jeapodize the excellent food!) and of course a drink or two was partaken in.

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