Mount Gambier Day 131 Monday 13th August

Today was the first day of our “holiday” in our travelling holiday. Our coach left at 1.00 pm so we pottered around, went to see the giant lobster Info here and my it is big, it could inspire you to write a song …. oh wait the B52’s already have 40 years ago listen here.

Here is one I caught earlier

Then a chauffeur driven coach via Robe, Beachport, passing Southend, Millicent, passing Glencoe into Mount Gambier. We went through flooded fields, large commercial pine forests, past a herd of camels they were dromedary (one hump) types none of which were photographed successfully.

A short cycle of 4 km out to a very nice campground The Blue Lake Holiday Park, where we cooked and ate our evening repast.

Talking to one caravanner he nearly had his caravan blow over in Robe the winds were so strong a couple of days ago (the days we sheltered in the hotel! who is a whimp now?)

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