Kingston SE for the last day! Day 130 Sunday 12th August 2018

Today the skies were mostly blue in colour rather than the grey or even black we have seen the last days. We have decided to have a short break from cycling and take some time (a week or so) without feeling the need to cycle anywhere.

And now time for a short interlude, and what else but to juggle oranges

So it was time to organise coach travel to Mount Gambier, then car hire for 9 days.

We popped in to the Parma for a Farmer event being held at our hotel. In case you didn’t know in New South Wales there is a severe drought ABC news article here and has been for a number of years and the farming community is on its knees, recently the media have caught on to this and raised awareness of the severity of the situation in NSW (New South Wales) throughout Australia. And Parma is similar to a chicken snitzel recipe here. There was some live music playing so we sat a while and drank a beer before calling it a night.

The band plays on

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