Kingston SE again Day 128 Saturday 11th August 2018

We awoke all keen and ready to continue, got the shed unlocked where the bicycles were but by the time we had them out we were completely soaked from the horizontal rain. Looking ahead at the rest of the day it was not looking to get better any time soon.

The jetty is closed due to storm damage

It was stop another night here, up to the same room where we dried off deja vu like. The rest of the day we pottered around, there was a short walk into town where there are a couple of nice collectable shops along with other general shops to look around. There is the old Cape Jaffa Lighthouse along the sea front dating back to 1872 more information here.

There is rain ahead

Old lighthouse Kingston, used to be Cape Jaffa Lighthouse

Once back at the hotel we settled in for the rest of the day listening to the wind whistling past the room window.

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