Kingston SE Day 127 Friday 10th August 2018

After a very windy night it was a litle calmer when we set off, it was a dash (if it is possible to dash on a bicycle) Before the wind changed direction and the rain came in.

Kilometre after kilometre of this

For most of the journey along the Princess Highway there was thick bush each side only giving the occasional glimpse of the Coorong to our right or farmland to our left.

One of the few views across the Coorong

Occasionally we passed the frog chorus where there was a pool of fresh water and reeds there was noise.

Frogs live here

After 65 km of nice easy riding the wind did change, now a crosswind and 10 km later it started to rain heavily. Quickly on with our waterproofs and continue onwards.

After a total of 85 km we arrived at Kingston SE still raining and forecast to continue all night. We whimped out and booked into the local hotel, the Crown Inn costing $60.

Rain rain rain when the seafront at Kingston SA

After a stroll in the rain down to the sea front we called it a day returned to the hotel and ate in the restaurant, they have a really nice salad bar and after a burger and fish we waddled back to the room. A very nice conclusion to the day.

Janet enjoying the rain

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