Victor Harbour at last Day 122 and 123 Monday 6th August 2018

Sunday had been all arranged, we were to cross on the 7.30 pm ferry meeting the bus to Victor Harbour dropping us at the campground for around 9.30 pm. However it failed at the first hurdle, the bus company changed their mind wanting $230 to take us with our bicycles rather than the $8 quoted yesterday!

So we spent the day reading and lazing around, however looking at the weather for tomorrow it was “only” 40 km winds so we decided to go first thing and cycle the 60 km.

That was Sunday all gone without even a picture taken, all very rainy and windy just like yesterday.

Monday was a 6.00 am wake up to get ready for the 7.30 am ferry crossing, just to make it exciting Janet had a flat tyre so it had to be pushed to the ferry, a good job we are next to the dock.

Goodbye Kangaroo Island

We picked up our tickets ready to board when an empty Ute pulled up to board so quick as a flash we asked if we could get a lift to the top of the hill, do you remember the 10 km of steep down? now it is up. He could only take one passenger but a lady in the car behind overheard us and offered to take Janet. So thanks to Philip and Rene we didn’t have that big climb.

Philip and his Ute full of bikes

The road to Victor Harbour was a lovely quiet road, passing through a lot of commerical pine forest to begin with then rolling open pasture land. We did climb another 300 m today but it did not seem like it, probably due to the 40 km/h wind pushing us on, yes pushing us for a change.

View across rolling green (at the moment) hills

A nice set of mail boxes along the way

The journey passed very quickly and very soon the sea came in to view along with final descents down into the town.

The final descent into Victor Harbour

Victor Harbour

By 1.00 pm the tent was up, the site is very nice, not too far from the town centre. After shopping we cooked then watched TV in the guest lounge.

Overall a very nice days cycling, even the rain kept off until the afternoon where a couple of showers passed over.

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