Kangaroo Island still touring Day 120 Friday 3rd August

Today Joslyn offered to take us to the other side of the island it was another car touring day. The rain stopped in the early hours having deposited 35 mm during the afternoon, evening and night. We did find a leak in the roof of our room which ran over a coat (now a wet coat) and over our USB charging plug causing it to short out! Another item goes on the shopping list.

What a difference a day makes so the song goes, sunshine and normal winds today. It was first off to Pennington Bay, very nice indeed, beautiful clear blue sea.

Pennington Bay

From here we drove to Kingscote, the largest town on Kangaroo Island, it has all the usual shops, lots of cafe’s and a new charger! We had a lunch here.

A resident seal just past the jetty in Kingscote

Emu Bay was next on the list, full of expensive looking houses again a lovely beach.

Looking across Emu Bay

Lastly Island Beach, quite a hidden beach, houses there must feel like they have their own private beach.

Island beach

Returning to Penneshaw, our temporary home, and our car travelling was over, thank you Joslyn. We had a stroll around town, there is a penguin nesting area here with dedicated viewing trails, we may go looking for them after dark when they come ashore / leave their burrows.

Those are penguin nest boxes

Checking the forecast unfortunately the gale force winds are back tomorrow, looks like we are here another day. Matteo (another guest here) had to leave the hostel tonight or risk not getting on a ferry tomorrow as they may be cancelled again. So both Matteo and Joslyn left (the other 22 had also gone) leaving just us.

Penneshaw looking out towards the mainland

Tonight we watched some TV before calling it a night.

Home from home

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