Kangaroo Island at last Day 118 Wednesday 1st August 2018

It was nice to get up and not be buffeted by strong winds in fact there was no wind at all and just a couple of clouds on the horizon.

The road out of Normanville

We had finally decided to make our way over to Kangaroo Island a 45 minute boat journey from the mainland. But first there was 32 km of road to cycle along.

At this point we turned inland

The first 7 kms followed the coast out of Normanville and was lovely flat riding with sea views all the way until at the HMAS Hobart information point when we moved inland and the climbing started. It was a mixture of up and down (mainly up), cycling through very green and pleasant lands even proper streams running which we have not seen before to eventually reach the heady height of 350m.

Slowly climbing away from the sea

The final 5km was a flat followed by a screaming descent into Cape Jervis where the ferry departs from.

The final descent starts

The descent almost over

Emus kind enough to pose for a picture

The next ferry left at 3.00 pm so we waited for two hours drinking a coffee, strolling down the pier and otherwise occupying ourselves.

Guess where we are going?

All of the vehicles have to reverse on to the ferry including lorries and caravans, a challenge for some drivers!

Goodbye mainland

A relatively calm 45 minutes later we docked in Penneshaw, hello Kangaroo Island.

And here we are

Tomorrow is forecast an awful day, in fact the ferry company called anyone booked on a crossing tomorrow to warn them to leave tonight or risk not being able to get off. We booked into a backpackers hostel for two nights for $90 total, we will just watch the winds and rain tomorrow.

A nice meal (cooked in the very well equipped kitchen) and chat with fellow backpackers and all of a sudden it was 10.00 pm sleep time.

2 thoughts on “Kangaroo Island at last Day 118 Wednesday 1st August 2018

  1. I see there’s a place called Dudley on Kangaroo Island! No wonder you were keen to visit.
    Loving your daily updates.


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