Edithburgh awaits Day 105 Thursday 19th July 2018

Today was the first morning we woke to rain, not bad considering it is now day 105. We packed up and moved all our bags into the covered camp kitchen, removed the still dry tent inner then wrapped up the soaking outer and footprint (in case you are unsure or a PE teacher, a footprint is a waterproof sheet made to fit exactly underneath the tent reducing the chance of damage to the floor of the tent inner during use).

Heavy skies and a big horizon

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Minlaton a shelter from the wind Day 103 Tuesday 17th July 2018

Our beautiful undercover pitch worked perfectly, we did not even know it was windy and well the rain, what rain! While we were packing up a couple of rain showers passed through then it brightened up, that was our cue to leave.

The wind was 40+ km/h and part behind us so progress was good as we started heading South East passing through lots of barley fields again, with very occasional flocks of sheep.

Not really sure which way the wind usually blows, can you help?

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Port Victoria Day 102 Monday 16th July 2018

After a night of heavy rain and strong winds, it was a little quieter when we awoke. No rush today as we have a parcel to collect from the local post office. We ambled our way there for 9:30 am and finally collected the bike parts sent from home! and as a surprise there was some nice chocolate packed with them as well, thank you Emily and Laura.

A parcel of chocolates mmmmmm oh and some bike parts

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Moonta a nice place to be Day 101 Sunday 15th July 2018

Today would be a very short cycle day, around 4 km total. Instead of toiling into a headwind of 35 km/h Will and Halima happened to be going to Moonta Bay for a meeting so they offered a us lift. Now a tough decision, battle for two days into strong headwinds or drive across in a Ute (or utility vehicle or twin cab pickup) ….. a drive it was then.

Ute and a radio ham’s aerial (Will is a radio ham)

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