Normanville Day 117 Tuesday 31st July 2018

After a couple of rain showers during the night it had cleared up by the time we left the campground but it still felt chilly as we cycled past Willunga and then Aldinga to get on to the B23 road.

Down then up

Here we passed a recent car accident, the road was closed to cars but the police officer let us through.

Coastal view just past the Buddha

These were the first hills we had ridden for quite a while, they all seemed steeper than they actually were. They did offer some very nice sea views, including the back of a giant Buddha statue at Nan Hai Pu Tuo temple.

Buddha’s back

From here the road climbed for a couple of kilometres, and just near the top, what happened? Our first puncture, Janet had quite a cut in her rear tyre, it didn’t take too long to replace the tube and we were soon on our way.

The hills continued to roll unlike us but at least now were a lot more down than up so we soon arrived at Yankalilla then lastly into Normanville.

Down into Yankalilla

It cost $36 to camp but the site is very good, the camp kitchen excellent everything you need is here. They let us leave the bicycles in an older cabin in the dry.

After shopping we went down to the beach, it is a very good one, the strong wind had whipped the waves up as they crashed onto the shore.

Waves and Normanville beach

After eating I fixed the old inner tube and used superglue on the cut in the tyre, all ready for tomorrow now.

Tonight there was a constant crash of waves on the beach next to us to listen to as night fell and we dozed in the tent.

Apologies for the mark on some of the pictures, dirty lens!

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