Still Adelaide Day 114 Saturday 28th July 2018

Today we were off into Adelaide for a look around. It was around a 40 minute train journey ($10.50 for a day ticket) to Adelaide train station.

View along the track towards Adelaide

From here we headed into the Market area, here there are some excellent fresh produce stores, and best of all very well priced.

Random street

We also picked up a new phone case for Janet after the last one was broken.

Nice rubbish bin

Then we walked to the main shopping area, surprisingly it looked just the same as the main shopping area in most major cities! I did pick up a new long sleeve top from Kathmandu.

Shops shops and more shops

Another short wait for the train and we returned to Deane and Lexi’s house and spent the rest of the day making a real effort to do nothing, we were very successful at it as well.

Waiting for the train

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