Adelaide Day 113 Friday 27th July 2018

After a good nights sleep we had a whole day to do very little, a nice position to find yourself in. To start off the day we completed all of our cycle maintenance, both bicycles now have nice new chain and sprockets and all other components checked over to make sure there is no chance of an imminent failure. Although I couldn’t find anywhere to fit the motor Janet wanted.

Some of the oldest buildings in Adelaide are here

The port

After we completed this we walked to Port Adelaide around 3 km away, had a general look around and shopped for food. To get to Port Adelaide we followed a 6 lane main highway, as with all roads it was very busy with all types of vehicles.

Wide and busy

Returning to Deane and Lexi’s house, it was 3.00 pm now, where had the day gone? we had a planning session and decided on our route down to Kangaroo Island, the next stage of our journey.

Later on we cooked, ate and had a drink. There is a TV here so “The Tour” had to be watched along with some of the endless diet of junk TV exactly the same as back home in the UK.

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