Adelaide Day 112 Thursday 26th July 2018

Today was a very short day around 18 km leaving us plenty of time to get packed and dry the tent.

Everthing just drying out in the morning sun

Janet preparing a gourmet porridge breakfast

The tent actually did dry as well because the sun was out and it was the warmest day for quite a while, around 20°C.

The first adventure of the day was just crossing the A1 road, it is just a continuous stream of cars, lorries and road trains. Eventually we made it safely across and cycled on the wide shoulder although the condition of it often left a lot to be desired.

The route we were following today was made using the Cycle Instead website link site where you can have a route plotted using the maximum amount of cycle lanes or less busy roads. After 7 km we left the very busy main road and followed a cycleway onto some very quite roads.

A nice section of cycleway

I did manage to drop Janet’s mobile phone at a road junction breaking the case, another thing to replace added to our list.

Following a zig zag pattern across residential Adelaide we paused at a park for an early lunch and just sat a while watching the world go by. From here it was 5 minutes to Deane and Lexi’s house where we were stopping. After a warm welcome we unpacked our things, it was nice to have space to sort things out (again!).

The spares I have carried since Moonta could now be used, on Janet’s bike first. To change the rear sprocket on a Rohloff you need the special sprocket tool and a chain whip, once off the new design sprocket can be fitted onto the slimline carrier that now replaces the threaded part of the old sprocket. It also means you do not need a special tool any more. The chain was broken and the chairing bolts removed ready for replacement.

I replaced the Specialities TA chainring with SJS own brand 38T SJS chainring, you need 8.5 mm bolts not the 6 mm you usually need for single chainrings and the inside diameter was too small for the original spider (I thought it was an industry standard fit, obviously not).

After a lift to the local cycle shop, where we managed to pick up one pack of 8.5 mm bolts, Deane’s son kindly ground down the new chairing to fit.

Of course it was Tour De France time again and this means time to overeat and have a drink.

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