Port Clinton, and what a struggle it was to, Day 108 Sunday 22nd July 2018

After a very sheltered night we packed up quickly, and left for what would normally be a very easy day.

Once on the highway the cycling started with a reasonable headwind, 25 km/h (or so) passing large fields of barley with the sea in tbe distance. Everything still looked very green but no rain today only clear skies.

You can see how much the wind has stirred up in the sea with it’s changing colours

After 15 km the wind upped its game, suddenly we were almost being brought to a standstill by it, this was 40+ km/h. It was a huge struggle for the next 5 km when it really did become impossible to cycle (and dangerous with the proximity of cars still driven at 110 km/h even with the winds!)

The bushes to the left giving a short respite from the wind

We actually pushed our bicycles for around 2 km up a slight slope. At the top it was a short downhill semi protected by the trees and shrubs until the turn off for Port Clinton, a total of 25 km cycled in three hours.

Port Clinton is a very small community with a single store / post office / gas station, it does have a caravan park. After a short discussion we paid (for the first time on our trip) for a cabin tonight and tomorrow night (Sunday and Monday) it did cost $190. We also had to raid the grocery store for bacon, eggs and milk for our extra day here.

We are now well settled in our cabin, proper bed, cooking facilities (very average shower though). Looking at tomorrow’s forecast the BOM (bureau of metrology) is predicting even stronger winds even issuing a severe weather warning for South of Adelaide. This is winter in Australia! Time to play Phase 10, a card game we brought after playing it with Pat and George some time ago (strangely the weather was bad on that day as well).

Australian Rules Football and bicycles and a cabin

Anyway hope you have a lovely comfortable night just like we will.

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