Ardrossan another windy day, Day 107 Saturday 21st July 2018

A windy night meant two possible things, we ate a lot of sprouts last night or the tent was dry, fortunately it was the latter as survival is unlikely in such a small tent should the sprout scenario ever arise.

A lonely water tower above Port Vincent

We did have to wait for the camp kitchen to be opened at eight o’clock, then a swift breakfast and we were off. It is a short pull up a hill leaving Port Vincent then pretty flat for 20 km. The verges each side of the road started off very wide so there was a lot of bush and tree cover protecting us from the worst of the wind. After 15 km this changed as the field boundaries moved next to the road, so there was nothing shielding us from the wind now, progress was not so fast. We also lost our flat roads as it became “undulating” the cycling was still nice though.

Undulation at it’s best

As it was Saturday there were no road trains at all, but a lot more “normal” cars (as in not 4×4, Ute or any other off road vehicle) I put it down to people going to or coming from their holiday homes (we are relatively close to Adelaide here).

At around 25 km we arrived at Pine Point a very small township, but there was a parking area and toilet there which we took advantage of. Who should also be there but Eric and Lois from the caravan park in Edithburgh, they we having a short break and we joined them for a coffee and a biscuit, a nice unexpected surprise. So we exchanged contact details and waved goodbye, they were on their way back to Adelaide.

Eric, Lois and Janet

Once again in the distance was the grain silo indicating the presence of a larger town, this was our destination Ardrossan. Ardrossan Information

It has a nice main street and a large supermarket with a bottle shop (off license you do remember don’t you?) next to it. The Caravan Park is nicely positioned, a short walk from (or to) the supermarket and the jetty. It cost $24 for the night, the site is very well sheltered, toilets and showers clean but only a very basic camp kitchen.

After our shop it was off to the jetty for fishing, once at the jetty you can see the impressive sandstone looking cliffs each side and the huge grain jetty next to the silos.

Ardrossan cliffs with the grain port in the background

The fishing was not very good today (not just me either nobody was catching, and there were a lot of people trying as well). I did get another wrasse which went back, there was a seal we saw a couple of times generally swimming around the jetty and as they eat squid it may have had something to do with the poor fishing.

Ardrossan jetty

Plan B came into effect, a steak and sausage night. It was gone 7.00 pm by the time we had finished and getting colder a sign Saturday was almost over for us tent people.

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