Port Vincent, yes there are a lot of ports Day 106 Friday 20th July 2018

It was very nice to get up and have everything to hand and dry when you pack up, but that is what a $90 cabin does for you.

Last night’s cabin

Once again we thanked Lisa for the cabin as we left the site, we then rode past the jetty and through the town as we continued our journey North. We had not gone far when the sunny lovely day vanished replaced by a needs a full set of waterproofs and get soaking wet day, this only lasted 45 minutes though then it cleared up.

Edithburgh jetty

Cycling up the coast passing through Coobowie, a nice small town. Then Wool Bay and Stansbury both of which the road bypasses the centre and finally into Port Vincent.

A lot of scrap in a farmers field on the way to Port Vincent

Once in Port Vincent we had a choice of two caravan parks, we chose the Foreshore Caravan Park, more expensive at $32 but a short walk to the IGA supermarket and it is right on the seafront of Port Vincent. The site is very clean and has a nice camp kitchen (no utensils are provided though) and lounge area.

Just as the tent was up a heavy rain shower passed over, these showers were to be the theme today. Once we had shopped there was nothing else for it, fishing time.

Fishing from the boat ramp using a float we caught a salmon trout and mullet, only the salmon trout was a keeper.

Fishing the boat ramp Port Vincent

A number of times showers passed through, sometimes light so fishing continued some times heavy so we sheltered under a pagoda type of thing.

Where is that pot of gold?

Once back on the site we filleted the fish much to the pleasure of the waiting crowd of pelicans who got everything non fillet. Then prepared our stir fry, this time beef, all cooked on a barbecue and of course everything was lovely, the fish tasted fabulous. Note to self catch bigger fish!

Barbecue stir fry as light fades

Then it was time for the Tour watched in the lounge area, then only resting remained.

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