Edithburgh awaits Day 105 Thursday 19th July 2018

Today was the first morning we woke to rain, not bad considering it is now day 105. We packed up and moved all our bags into the covered camp kitchen, removed the still dry tent inner then wrapped up the soaking outer and footprint (in case you are unsure or a PE teacher, a footprint is a waterproof sheet made to fit exactly underneath the tent reducing the chance of damage to the floor of the tent inner during use).

Heavy skies and a big horizon

Leaving Point Turton it was 10 km to Warooka, we wore our waterproof overtrousers and jacket today and can confirm they work.

We liked this metalwork bench in Warooka

Then another 20 km to Yorketown, this is quite large (for the Yorke Peninsula). The wind was behind us all the way, this is why we are heading to Edithburgh not Port Marion (at the bottom of the peninsula), Port Marion would just have been a battle and quite a lot of rain is forecast along with continuing strong winds.

A final rainey 15 km and we arrived in Edithburgh, Edithburgh Information just as the heavens opened and there was a very heavy rainstorm, but we sheltered under an awning outside the hotel watching the rain for a while before we cycled to the Caravan Park.

A random picture of the sea

An unpowered site was $22 and Lisa said to just camp anywhere we liked as there were only a couple of other caravans on the site (still quite a few resident caravanners as well who live here). The camp kitchen called to us and we sat drank a tea or two waiting for the rain to stop before attempting to put up the tent.

A dry spell came then is was quickly put the tent up, do the laundry and take a shower. Everything is now dry and clean.

The one thing Edithburgh does not have is a grocery store so we are going with the fifth food group tonight, Pizza! Followed by some pancakes as the deli across the street sold eggs, lemons and milk, we have flour and honey, mmmmmm. Just as we ordered our pizza there was a huge roll of thunder as the sky turned black and it poured with rain. We were watching all this from the comfort of the camp kitchen, when Lisa the park manager came in and gave us a key to a cabin, she couldn’t have us camp in our tent tonight. Some people are so kind, we rushed there to find a lovely bed, tv, cooking facilities and a toilet you did not have to walk across the whole site to visit!

So we ate pizza, pancakes and watched the Tour again. A nice end to the day.

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