Point Turton home to 305 people Day 104 Wednesday 18th July 2018

It was the first still night for a while so everything was damp this morning, a slow start and moving the tent into the sun worked it’s magic drying spell so we left by 9:30 am.

Our camp spot last night, very sheltered

Our first stop was at the IGA in Minlaton for some chicken and stir fry vegetables ready for tonight, even though there is a local grocery store in Point Turton there are varying degrees of local grocery store, you get some which are excellent with a good variety of stock right through to some that do not even have any groceries!

Leaving town the road resumed its path through barley and other assorted cereal fields, all very open offering no barrier to the wind today this was a good thing, it was helping us for the first 29 km, allowing average speeds of 20 km/h (what is the difference between speed and velocity? I hear you ask, magnitude and direction are words that appear in the answer).

The town in on the horizon is Warooka

We did see our first kangaroo (alive!) for quite a long time just after Hardwicke Bay.

As we approached Warooka it was a turn right straight into the wind (did I mention it was blowing 30 to 40 km/h?) Then a very slow 6 km to Point Turton Caravan Park. This is a very sheltered site with a nice green mat similar to carpet to put your tent on, very good camp kitchen and clean showers again a very good site for $30 a night.

It was a good job we shopped in Minlaton as the grocery store had very little at all, it did have fresh milk at $5 for 2 litres.

Quite a swell here

The very strong wind had churned up the sea, exchanging it’s usual crystal clear azure look for a opaque muddy look. Time to go fishing in the shelter of the boat launch, but this failed, nothing could be tempted into our bucket, chicken for tea then.

Point Turton jetty

After our fish free meal, the Tour De France was on TV and another day had gone.

I think all these cormorants have eaten the fish

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