Minlaton a shelter from the wind Day 103 Tuesday 17th July 2018

Our beautiful undercover pitch worked perfectly, we did not even know it was windy and well the rain, what rain! While we were packing up a couple of rain showers passed through then it brightened up, that was our cue to leave.

The wind was 40+ km/h and part behind us so progress was good as we started heading South East passing through lots of barley fields again, with very occasional flocks of sheep.

Not really sure which way the wind usually blows, can you help?

After 18 km we paused sheltering behind a section of large bushes while another rain shower rapidly passed by. The wind strength had increased and gusting to 60 km/h and we turned South now on the main road, it was a crosswind from the West. A number of times a gust blew us onto the gravel verge, not very pleasant at all.

Waiting for a lift

Then a farmer in his Ute pulled up on the opposite side of the road and asked if we wanted a lift. Well he didn’t have to ask twice, we cycled the short distance to his farmhouse to wait for him. Twenty minutes later we were all in the Holden (made in Thailand now, no longer made in Australia A history of Holden Cars ) and on our way to the caravan park in Minlaton.


Robert and the ute

Robert, our very kind driver, dropped us off right in the caravan park, many thanks indeed. Where $20 a night gets you an unpowered pitch. The showers are spotless and the camp kitchen has everything you need, a very nice site indeed, we could pick anywhere we liked (very few people are here at the moment to enjoy this lovely weather!). A sheltered spot behind some boats seemed best.

We had a walk into town picking up some food for later, then just relaxed until later arrived along with our food. After watching some TV we made our way back to the tent, just in time as yet again the skies opened and it rained heavily for a while. We just listened to pitter patter from the dry inside of our lovely Orion 2 (a tent type if you were unsure).

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