Moonta a nice place to be Day 101 Sunday 15th July 2018

Today would be a very short cycle day, around 4 km total. Instead of toiling into a headwind of 35 km/h Will and Halima happened to be going to Moonta Bay for a meeting so they offered a us lift. Now a tough decision, battle for two days into strong headwinds or drive across in a Ute (or utility vehicle or twin cab pickup) ….. a drive it was then.

Ute and a radio ham’s aerial (Will is a radio ham)

So Will, Halima, Jack (a dog), Rocky (a dog) and both of us packed into a Holden Colorado and away we went. The journey was so easy, not a single complaint from Janet about any hills! It was a climb out of Clare then a loooong descent into Blyth, the road was very quiet though, then a section of flat plain before a short climb where we took a dog break on the hill where there were good views.

Halima, Janet, Jack and Rocky

The saltwater lake is Lake Bumbunga actually pink in colour. Not very pink at the moment though as it is a seasonal colouration.

Maybe it has a slight pink hue

Not my picture but this is how it can look

A final stretch of road and we were in Moonta,,_South_Australia about the same size as Clare, a very nice town. Will and Halima dropped us off near the park, a huge thank you for putting up with us over the last two days and giving us a lift here.

Martin, Will and Halima

The caravan park is 3 km further on at the bay itself, called Moonta Bay surprisingly, it is quite an expensive site at $36 a night but clean and a sheltered camp kitchen.

It is not just cyclists that have to beware the Australian driver!

After food, the Tour De France and England’s 3rd place match loss it was enough to send you to sleep (or drive you to drink, luckily we have 4 litres of wine!).

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