Relaxing in Clare Day 100 Saturday 14th July 2018

Today we are having a day off (thank you Will and Halmia for letting us stop another day).

After an excellent nights sleep and leisurely start we caught a lift into town with Halmia, and had a nice stroll around. Visiting the Craft Market which was on today in the town hall, and a few shops, resisting the temptation to buy anything.

Market in Clare

There is a cycle / walking track called the Riesling Trail which passes through Clare, it is 33 km long starting in Auburn and finishing in Barinia.


This passes very close to Will and Halima’s house so we followed this for a short distance, several families passed us on their bicycles it is quite popular.

The Reisling Trail

After getting back we sat and read a while, Janet then spent some time getting ideas for crafting a mosaic while I watched the Tour De France.

All very creative Halmia and Janet

Later on we had another lovely meal and a glass of wine to finish a relaxing day.


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