Clare, a busy town Day 99 Friday 13th July 2018

The predicted frosty morning never happened, just damp this morning. The sun was quickly up and dried the tent a little, it will have to be put up a while later.

Open farmland from Horrocks Highway

It was back on the Horrocks Highway again, the road leaving Yacka is not a very good one, narrow with a poor surface. It was a mixture of flat with several long steady climbs (around 12 km of it), near the top there were some lovely views across the open farmland.

More farmland

Dropping down for few kilometres the road improved even having a decent shoulder.

As we neared Clare the amount of road traffic increased considerably as did the poor driving, we needed more care when cycling.

After our climb up the nice descent

A final drop down into the Clare Valley where once again the road narrowed and even more cars and caravans passed by. Some of the least friendly driving we have experienced was along this road, car drivers happily forcing their way passed at high speed.

For the first time there were vineyards everywhere, we had actually entered the Adelaide Hills the wine producing area of South Australia.

One of the many vineyards around Clare

Into Clare town itself was a little of a shock, just the number of people, vehicles and shops! More than we have seen in a very long time, civilisation at its best (or worst?).

A visit to pick up some wine and a snack for lunch then we continued through the town turning off to go up the steepest hill we have climbed since the Munda Biddi 3000 km ago where at the top is Will and Halima’s house where we will stop tonight.

At the top Will was waiting probably after hearing the puffing and blowing from climbing the hill from a mile away! We were welcomed into their home, where there was a craft session going on, tiles being stuck on tiles, glass being stuck on tiles all very creative.

After a shower we relaxed chatting, even a little shopping before Will cooked a lovely meal.

Then there was time to watch the 6th stage of the Tour De France. Another day was done.

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