A day waiting in Cowell Day 93 Saturday 7th July 2018, it’s also Tour De France day

Today was an imposed rest day, we are going to get a coach up to Port Augusta from Cowell, but it does not run Saturdays (every other day of the week it runs!). The reason for the coach is to replace our intended route of the ferry crossing cutting out Port Augusta which unfortunately has stopped running until later this year (September) as they are dredging the harbour to make way for larger ships.

Cowell town

More town

The road we would have to cycle along is very busy with a lot of road trains and other commercial traffic so it just makes sense to go by coach.

Today we walked up to the coach collect point, the roadhouse on the highway and paid $84 plus $30 more for the bicycles. To travel on the coach the front wheel must be removed and the saddle dropped to its lowest height.

Bushes growing in the sea! Probably a type of saltbush

The rest of the day we bumbled around town, made some food for tomorrow, spent a while uploading photographs to the cloud.

The camp kitchen and cards

That was it really, the England match is on very late here, starting at 11:30 pm, so we are hoping it all goes well.

And of course the Tour De France starts today, something we shall watch where possible.

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