Cowell; lets pay you a visit Day 92 Friday 6th July 2018

Overnight there were quite a few heavy showers of rain, and to quote locals “exactly what we needed, it hasn’t rained since spring” with the wind keeping up everything was almost dry by the time we were away.

Another road picture, you have not had one in ages

The winds had shifted overnight, now WNW going to NW, this meant TAIL winds. This made cycling very enjoyable today, the sun shining, wind blowing us along, even the traffic felt nicer!

The fields each side of the highway now had a distinctly brown colour, they had lost the green of the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

Lots of brown

Once again in the distance we could see grain silos, this is where the turning of the town usually is, Cowell was no exception. The final 6 km to town we had the wind right behind us so we coasted all the way! A perfect way to enter Cowell.

The town has a lovely centre, all you could need, including the best second hand, used and collectable shop we have seen in a long while.

The Foreshore Caravan Park costs $25 a night, they have a nice grassed sheltered spot for tents, a very good camp kitchen and clean showers, all in all a very nice site, including a freshly made cappuccino brought to our tent (your first one is free).

Janet enjoying a coffee in the sun sheltered from the wind

A little shopping, a little (well every item of clothing we have) laundry and just for a change a walk to the jetty (it will be closed soon until August this year for repairs) for a fish but the wind was that strong after a few casts we gave up. Once back it was time to fire up the barbecue for some nice looking tandoori chicken drumsticks, which tasted awful! (Note to self do not buy IGA tandoori chicken pieces again). It was a good job Janet had made a vegetable soup.

One of the few casts before the wind stopped play

We even watched some TV, Adelaide Crows are playing Richmond Tigers even as I type this.

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