Port Neill Day 90 Wednesday 4th July 2018

After a tent rattling windy night at least everything was dry. It was even a lovely sunrise.

Sunrise behind a boat in Port Neill

The winds were still around 30 km/h but swinging around to the Northwest which did mean for today very strong crosswinds and a reasonable headwind (not that a headwind is reasonable at all).

A short 4 km back to the highway where we resumed our toil from yesterday. The highway seemed a lot busier than previous, complete with a large number of very impatient drivers who needed to get past the one cyclist they would encounter on today’s journey no matter the cost and without changing their speed, sigh.

Some of the surrounding fields became huge with very few trees and bushes to block the wind, although there were a few sections where the verge had grown sufficiently to give some shelter from the wind.

Nothing much to stop the wind here

After 35 km we turned off onto a gravel track down into Port Neill.

Front garden plants

The town is very nice, with a good jetty and lovely beaches. A small post office doubled up as the general store, it has quite a good selection of groceries.

Jetty fishing

The caravan park is clean and tidy, for $20 we got the best sheltered spot we could. The owner was very helpful, he gave some fishing bait and suggested where to go. We used the bait and his suggestions but once again nothing, so our pasta meal made yet another appearance.

Beach fishing

By the time we had eaten the wind had stopped blowing, there is a lull before tomorrow’s 40 km/h blasts start around 9.30 am according to the forecast let’s hope it is wrong.

It was so still quite a few mozzies were out, we returned to the tent in an effort to avoid them.

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