Still loving Port Lincoln Day 87 and 88 Sunday and Monday

On Sunday we started the day with a drive over to Louth Bay where there was the annual Port Lincoln vs Whyalla and Saltbush orienteering competition. Lana and Peter were taking part, we went as support!

All ready for the starters

There were several teams of three competing, their combined time giving the total for each team, the fastest time winning. The course had 12 check points where you punched a card you carried, covering a distance of up to 5 km.

We did take part, completing the recreational course in just over an hour without getting lost or missing any of the checkpoints!

And they are off

A number of the club members had prepared food and we had a very nice salad lunch and some cake.

Impressive spread of food

Once all the times were in trophies were presented with Port Lincoln the overall winners.

Peter gave us a little tour of Port Lincoln and it’s surrounding area on our way back (Louth Bay is 20 km north of Port Lincoln).

View back into Port Lincoln

A bottlebrush

When back there was just enough time to fail at fishing again, so that is exactly what we did! Just so we did not feel too bad nobody else caught anything either.

Luckily Lana had made some pumpkin soup and pizza, which was very thoughtful and tasted lovely.

We watched a little football before making our way to bed.

On Monday our first job was to check for the parcel from back home, all we could find out was it is here in Australia but could take up to two weeks to get to Port Lincoln. It was time to move on now, Peter and Lana said they would collect it and forward to where we will be.

The coast very close to Lana and Peter’s

It was time for a little bike maintenance, mainly cleaning, oiling and checking everything is tight. Followed by general sorting out and tidying the rest of our things.

We managed a short stroll out, passing a memorial stone where the wording of the inscription is rather questionable now.

To round the day off we all went out for a meal with Peter, Lana and some of their friends at the Pier Hotel. The food was very good and the portions huge. We had a really lovely evening, what more could you want, excellence in both food and company.

That was yet another day done.

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