Venus Bay Day 76 Wednesday 20th June 2018

To give ourselves every chance to avoid headwinds which should be midday onwards we got up and out early today, the tent was wet from some quite long periods of light rain during the night.

We said farewell to Pat and George who are off to Coffin Bay today (we will be going there in a few days time), they have been great company and very kind to us British cyclists.

Janet, Pat and George

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Another day in Streaky Bay Day 75 Tuesday 19th June 2018

As we are still waiting confirmation of the delivery to Port Kenny it was a very delayed decision on what to do today, an early morning phone call to the post office to confirm no rod delivery yet. Based on this we paid for another night at the campground and went off to shop for today’s food.

Hotel in Streaky Bay, Tuesday night is steak night, highly recommended

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Streaky Bay here we come Day 74 Monday 18th June 2018

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when we got up today, when packed Pat and George offered to take our bags to Streaky Bay in their caravan, needless to say before you could say bacon sandwich they were off the bikes and in their caravan.

The bikes now felt so much more nimble and agile without any extra weight, this is obviously the way to do bike touring, use a support vehicle.

For the first 20 km the wind hindered our progress then the road swung around heading South, now the wind helped us so our pace picked up, we waved to Pat and George as they passed us.

Travelling through farmland, I am reminded of Cornwall, with the closeness of the sea, fields often full of rocks, undulating roads, then the illusion shatters as a parakeet flies last.

As we near Streaky Bay, there is an impressive set of sand dunes and some nice views out across the bay.

Sand dunes

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Resting in Smoky Bay Day 73 Sunday 17th June 2018

As we are in no rush, and the wind would be strongly into our faces today we took an executive decision to rest on this lovely site.

Once again the laundry beckoned as we pay the price of only having two sets of clothing, it did dry on the line so saving a little on the tumble drying.

I managed to get another loan of some fishing tackle and off to the pier again. This time with success though a nice King George Whiting (one had to go back as well, too small). It had to be filleted at a fish cleaning point, you cannot throw unwanted fish parts into the sea as here there are these things called sharks which are attracted to fish blood!

Smoky Bay beach

Pat and George caught a squid so we now know how to deal with those now, for our starter tonight we had squid, octopus (caught yesterday) and whiting, all very nice indeed. Then we finished up the stew from yesterday. I did try to catch a squid once dark but again thwarted, it is only a matter of time until I have one in the bag.

We had a lovely camp fire again where a number of people stopping on the site gathered around and had a few drinks, a nice end to the day.

Fowlers Bay a nice detour, Day 68 Tuesday 12th June 2018

It rained on and off all night, never heavily though, and seemed to have passed over by the time we were ready to go.

Our road continued from yesterday with a few short ups and downs then began to flattern out, shockingly there was now farmland off to our right, even occasional houses with telegraph poles and power lines, it’s civilisation Jim but not as we know it.

Farmland shock

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