Port Lincoln again Day 86 Saturday 30th June 2018

Today started with bright sunshine, we decided against joining Larna and Peter for 5 km Park Run http://www.parkrun.com.au or back in the UK http://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/events/ but they are everywhere. Knees and apathy both making good excuses to watch but the word run in the title is misleading you can walk them as well.

View across the bay from our fishing spot

After getting ready we set off into town, a visit to the shops first, we are cooking tonight so a nice stir fry. Then onto a beach at the end of town where the owner of the fishing tackle shop suggested would be good, in fact it was not very good. Only a poor puffa fish succumbed to the temptation of raw prawn, that went straight back, they have a strange beak for a mouth. Nothing else was seen let alone caught.

Port Lincoln town

From here we moved to the jetty, again nothing was biting, a couple of people caught a squid we tried and failed.

On our walk back we timed sheltering in shops to avoid getting wet as a band of heavy showers passed overhead.

Water slopes here, strange but true, plus a rainbow

It was nice to get back and sit down after a long day of doing very little!

Food then we watched the AFL where Adelaide won.

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