Port Lincoln resting a little Day 85 Friday 29th June 2018

It rained much of last night with winds of 30 km/h, a good night not to be in a tent! We did intend to get up and get out for an early morning swin and some yoga (with Peter and Lana) but somehow those comfortable beds held us down and we could not move until much later.

A good day for contemplation and sorting things out. After breakfast and a clothes wash it was down to the library to try and upload our photographs to the cloud, as a corrupted sd card or lost camera would not be good. Unfortunately the speeds are so slow here I gave up, 2 minutes to upload 10 mb (0.083 mbps! Feels like dial up speeds) quite shocking really.

It was time for a little shopping in between rain showers, then on the walk back we didn’t quite manage the in between showers bit and got wet.

A nice idea for a tiled bench

Once back Peter and Lana took us a short drive around the marina area of Port Lincoln, this has a lot of fishing boats as well as leisure boats. It does include the cage diving boats, here is one of the few places in the world you can dive with great white sharks (you are in the cage) for $500 a person.

The marina

The tuna boats do not just catch them to eat, but ring them with a net and tow them back to pens. Here they are fed the pilchards to fatten them up before they are taken. Currently there is no method for breeding and raising them in a fish farm like some other species.

We went and had a pint of beer from a micro brewery close to the house, there were 10 different beers on draught. Some very nice some not so nice! $27 for four glasses. Back for some food a little wine then watching Australian Rules Football, a very confusing game to non-Australians.

Four pints, four people, Lana, Janet, Martin and Peter

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