Still here in Coffin Bay Day 81 Monday 25th June 2018

Yet another day off today, a late get up then once again our laundry needed doing. A fabulous porridge breakfast was prepared while things were washing and drying.

There was an Emu wandering around the campground casually snacking on the now fast growing grass.

Oh where are you Rod?

Once attired in our fresh smelling but still the same as before clothes we took a stroll up the road to get a few prawns as bait then over to the boat launch ramp.

Here we could watch an impressive amount of boats setting off to catch some huge fish no doubt, it was also quite deep and a good place to fish.

Apparently this is how all the fashionable anglers are dressing nowadays.

The egret and pelican obviously had confidence in my catching skills, they hung around looking for the chance to eat the undersize fish when they are returned (if the birds are fast enough).


A few salmon trout were caught, these are immature salmon and you can take any over 20 cm long. Many went back but two were big enough to keep so in the bag (actually a plastic bag) they went.

Being stalked by a pelican

While we were there the pilchard boat came back in to the jetty to unload its cargo of, you guessed it, pilchards. It was accompanied by a dolphin. As it had gone very quiet, this means no fish were biting for non fisher folk out there. We moved across to the jetty, here with the boat disgorging it’s huge load of pilchards there was inevitably some fish dropped overboard and lots of blood in the water. It attracted huge shoals of fish who quite literally threw themselves on the hook, again salmon trout. Janet caught a few here as well, we kept two more and had a mullet given to us, no not a scalp from a 1970’s footballer but a fish.

The pilchards drop down the chute into the large steel bins

One of the anglers there was catching them on a piece of white plastic bag! Although fish are going to have to learn to make this their main dietary requirement the way we dump plastic in the ocean (how about that something topical!).

The pilchards from the pilchard boat all go up north to feed the huge stocks of farmed tuna, this happens every day of the week here. Obviously we like our tuna better than our pilchards.

Fish awaiting the filleting knife

A stroll back and the next task was to descale the fish and fillet them, giving a very nice looking stack of fish. For our food tonight we made fried potatos (sort of a chip without deep fat frying) and cooked the fish lightly floured on a high heat with lemon. It was delicious no bones either, I must be getting better at filleting.

Fish chips and beer (yes I am eating it with a spoon, our lovely plastic lightweight forks broke!)

To finish us off more cake and biscuits.

A final picture across the bay

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